dinsdag 29 mei 2012

BMW Bratrod

The BMW isn't a bike that we see much in the custom bike scene, 'cause this brand has a bit of a dull image. Also Jeroen never dreamed about being a typical BMW rider. Though, inspired by the Wrench Monkees, he woke up one day with the crazy idea to purchase such an 'eldery motorcycle' with hanging tits and create a raw 'n' dirty Bratrod! It sounds like thunder and looks pretty wild with it's bare metal look. RRROOAARRR!!!!

zondag 27 mei 2012

East Side Rock 'n' Rollers

Very Quick shoot-out, about 25 portraits in 3 hours. Roller Derby Chicks from Enschede! Check 'm out @ www.eastsiderocknrollers.nl

zaterdag 26 mei 2012

Old Skool Fantasy bike

Jan was photographed several times before by me. In fact, one of Jan's bikes was my first shoot for Bigtwin magazine! His recent project is this long and low (did I mention LOW?!) Honda chopper with the most extreme lines you can imagine. This is really great! One of the best bikes in the Netherland, if you ask me! (but I guess you won't). More people should build extreme choppers like this, with Japanese fours. 10 out of 10! Just perfect.

zaterdag 19 mei 2012

Dragon Harley

Finally there was a good weather forecast, so I called Hans from Neede to do the long awaited photo-shoot of his Dragon Harley. This bike is completely one-off, every screw and bolt, yes even the wheels (including hubs and spokes) are made by this friendly guy! It will appear in Bigtwin magazine. Cheers!

woensdag 16 mei 2012


I became interested in choppers by reading Dutch Bigtwin magazines, in which Beer (Grizzly) always shows 'how-to reports' of his own chopper projects. It was a flawless, C&L Hogshop-inspired bike, which really blew me away!

I was really surprised to be asked to shoot some pics of his latest (and best!!!) project: the warhippy! Beer built it for Els. It's one-off all the way and it looks like it's a brand-original 70's Panhead chopper. Though it's based on a modern Sportster (!!!) 1200 cc engine and it's got modern brakes and a belt. Paint by Royal Jack, who also did my Own Skool chopper. The Warhippy is soon to be featured!

Strenght In Unity

Strengt in Unity is a section of the Star Riders in Belgium. I shot some of their bikes for a report.


Titte is a patchholder from Belgium. He created this extremely modified Dragstar for Diane. MysticAl did the wicked striping. The best Yamaha Dragstar chopper I've seen so far!