donderdag 24 maart 2011


Again good news for the guys of Perfect Dream Bikes. Rene's Valvoline V-max is featured in the Dutch sportsbike magazine KicXstart.

zondag 20 maart 2011

Robert's Blade Fighter

Robert did his first ride on his bike this year and we were there! The Fireblade Fighter is bloody awesome. It's made by Perfect Dream Bikes, and a dream bike it is!

zaterdag 19 maart 2011

Zoomy's Triumph

Today the trip went to Ricardo (Zoomy Kustoms) and we shot his wicked Triumph Bonnie, which is spooned into an Uncle bunt rigid frame. Another Triumph chop, another oil-tank's filler cap flying round. (what's all that about Triumphs and filler caps??) This bike is cool as **** with it's nice cocktail shakers and the rattle-can paint, done by mr. Zoomy himself!

I worked with little speedlights a lot lately, as it's easy, light and fast to work with and there's no spaghetti of annoying cables on the ground everywhere. But the lack of power is a problem when I have to compete with the sun. So I tried the big 220 volt mono-blocks again. Have to say it looks really better because of the bigger softboxes and incredible power (check the light / shades on the front tyre, for example), it's more work, though. But this bike is worth the effort, don't you think? Thanks Ric for the great day!!


Me :-)

vrijdag 18 maart 2011

Behind the scenes...

... of shooting the toughest bike ever!

By the way, stole these pics of Robbie's blog, he's building the coolest bikes on the planet. Check that out!

donderdag 17 maart 2011

Bigtwin april

Next issue of Bigtwin magazine will be spot-on! Colleague photographers contributed some cool bikes (check te Bigtwin site) and there are some nice feature-bikes from Yours Truly too. The AMD World Championship-winning V-rod, Project Veon is featured! It doesn’t only look great, it’s state-of-the-art technique too! And another super-cool bike is the Ducati Tracker of Robert. One of the best bikes I’ve shot in 2010. Suzuki’s biggest bike is the Intruder 1800, on which we did a road-test. Last but not least theirs is Ron’s Harley, which was build by South-East Motorcycles. Got to have this issue!!

maandag 14 maart 2011

Making Off V-max photo-shoot

Found this cool video on Youtube, which was made by Rene of Perfect Dream Bikes, while shooting his Valvoline V-max for Streetfighters magazine.

zondag 13 maart 2011


However I don't speak one word French (they even asked me to shut up, when I ordered a burger and tried a few French words...) Pecquencourt was great! Next year again?

Son of a Gun

Ever seen anything like it? Larry Houghton of Lamb Engineering did it again! This BSA cafe racer has the superlative degree of perfectionism. Just.... F*CKING UNBELIEVABLE, WOW!!!! Couldn't believe my eyes when this bright golden bike showed up for my cam at the Pecquencourt bikeshow in Frence. You can say that it was a good weekend! :-)

News flash! It's got the 2th price at the bikeshow!

The toughest bike in the world!

This bike is INSANE!!! Robbie from England has put an NSU 1200 car-engine in an one-off rigid frame. The photo's were shot at the Pecquencourt bikeshow (a Biker-Shoot-Off together with Blue of BSH) and it's one of the toughest two-wheeled creations I've ever seen. Impressive!!

Oh! check out Robbie's Blog!

woensdag 9 maart 2011

Pecquencourt 2011

Next weekend I'm going to the bikeshow in Pecquencourt, France. Bike-designer Nicolas Chauvin is organising a custombike show there. I hope to meet Robbie from the UK, who brings his brilliant NSU powered radical chopper, of which I'm a big fan. And also I can't wait to see the seriously beautiful Son of a gun BSA of master-builder Larry Houghton! The Sickboyz are present, and so are Destiny Cycles! Seems like a good show, isn't it? See you there!!!

maandag 7 maart 2011

Revatu goes to Sturgis

Congratulations go out to René van Tuil for winning the AMD trophee at the bikeshow in Ireland with the wonderful Pea Shooter, which appeared on the cover of BSH and Bigtwin! So he is invited to go to Sturgis! He called met today with this good news and a second later it was confirmed by Backstreetheroes. René you're a winner!!

zaterdag 5 maart 2011

Skull Customs

A cool photo location, a cool bike and a bunch of super-cool people, what more do we want? We went to the Belgium village Doel, today, which happened to be totally abandoned. A nucleair power plant (really !!!) was the nicest back-drop ever, for this racy highneck of Skull Customs: two private builders from Belgium. It's a classy Ultima powered choppa' with a single downtube softail frame.

The flashes didn't need battery's today as they were powered by the radiation in the sky.

Then we tried some other locations. A trashed building...

And a abandoned fuel station...

vrijdag 4 maart 2011

Danielle's Evo chop

A sunny day it was, so I went to Danielle, who proudly owns this white hardtail Evo chopper, which is build by a friend in the States. Looks good, right?