vrijdag 27 augustus 2010

Bigtwin september 2010

On the cover of the new Bigtwin magazine you'll find David Beil of True Love Tattoo. Together with his father he build two Honda Shadow choppers. Also the famous Harton Sportster cafe racer with reversed heads and open primary drive is featured. And what about the oldtimer-look Triumph of Bart from Belgie? Oh, and last but not least Philip of Dark Star Kustoms is in this issue too! There's plenty of other nice stuff being featured, choppers, hot-rods, custombikes, so check out the Bigtwin website.

woensdag 25 augustus 2010

Perfect Dream V-max

We made some nice images of Rene's extreme tuned-up V-max with NOS (nitro) inside an old grain silo. Rene is the man of Perfect Dream Bikes, streetfighter builder and V-max specialist of the Netherlands. The stunning paintjob is done by PW Paintings, a young and very promising special painter/airbrusher from Assen.

maandag 23 augustus 2010

Kustombart blog

Kustombart was shooting the photographer, as always i'm somewhere laying on the ground. Check out his blog for the almost 30 year old magazine feature and some of the 2010 shots (more soon!).

zondag 22 augustus 2010

Geert's Walz style

We've seen some Walz Hardcore styled bikes before, but Geert from Belgium has a pretty special one!! His Walz-style has a Sportster engine instead of a bigtwin and it features an open belt drive. With the long and low lines, upsd fork legs and the clip-on bars it looks pretty wild! We went to an airport today were some real special old planes were lined up...

For his nine months old son he'd built a beer crate racer, it takes a few years before he can ride it though :-)

Green Machine

KustomBart, the guy who painted my bikes, has a real early eighties survivor: a big Dodge with special paint. He restored it and gave the paintjob a little bit of his own touch.

Ah, that's where KustomBart got his inspiration!

We reproduced some old photo's as this Green Machine in the eighties was on the cover of a magazine. To give it a eighties look, I shot this photo with a full CTO gel on the flasher and the altered the white balance to change the colour of the sky. First time try, but looks cool :-)

vrijdag 20 augustus 2010

Joop's GSX-R

This is the 2th streetfighter I shot in a row. Joop's shed-built and tuned-as-f*ck GSX-R was the subject of photography today. Sunny weather, blue skies and lots of flash-light did the trick. Joop did a burn-out too! Thanx for the nice day Joop!!

zaterdag 14 augustus 2010

Remco's Yamaha YZF750R

A German magazine asked Remco for some nice pics of his yamaha YZF750R Streetfighter and so he visited me today to shoot some pixels. Coincidently, yesterday my 2200 watt pure-sinus 12v / 220c inverter dropped in the mailbox (after I emptied my wallet, damn those things are expensive!) and so Remco's shoot was the first try-out of the convertor as I used two studio-lights on location.

Still many people ask: "Do you really need all that stuff?" The answer is: No, but on some location's you'll have to add (lots'a) light. Okay, I found a nice spot under the bridge (but forgot the radio: a tune of the 'Peppers would fit nicely with this back-drop, though). I had to under-expose a lot, otherwise the colums would have too much high-lights instead of nice details. But then the bike was just black shaded... Just clicking a simple flasher on the cam of course would do the trick, but I like to do things the hard way...
*Test-shot (no lights)

After doing 'my thing' with two studio-lights - both with big softboxes - I came to this result. It looks like there's day-light.

Then we went to a 2th location and shot some 'hooligan'ish' wide shots with strobes

Although Remco had a trip of about 130 km ahead, he couldn't help it burning some rubber!

Thanks for the nice day!

dinsdag 10 augustus 2010


The Harton is featured in issue #317 of UK's leading chopper 'zine, BackStreetHeroes, with a photo on the cover and a huge shot in the index too. Cool! And then they used the Rogues MC choppershow write up as well! Of course loads more cool stuff inside, as always. Triumphs, old Harleys, you name it... Killer issue!!

zondag 8 augustus 2010

Jan's softail bobber

I went to Veenendaal to shoot some pics of Jan's softail bobber. Also his daughter Mandy liked to pose for some shots.

zaterdag 7 augustus 2010

Kamikaze BMW

A customized BMW is something you see seldom, and a BMW fighter is absolutely something unique! I've never shot a modified BMW before but for everything has to be a first time. Today we shot Kees' multi-colored BMW kamikaze fighter!

vrijdag 6 augustus 2010

Greasy Kulture issue #16

Holy Shit!!! Look who's on the cover of Greasy Kulture Magazine issue #16

The jump-shot of Philip (Dark Star Kustoms) and his lovely Flathead chop is used by this kult magazine, runned by Guy. Thanks!

Congratulations Philip! Must feel like magic ideed :-)

Check out the GKM blog and their website for more info

woensdag 4 augustus 2010

Shovel Dirttracker

Same bike, different color.
The Flamish guy Koen 'painted' his Shovelhead Dirttracker from grey to brown in just a few minutes :-)


...and after!

He deserved the Floris Velthuis award of dirtiest photo-shoot ever!!!

zondag 1 augustus 2010

Leon's Buell

Leon's previous build, a rigid Sportster with industrial looks and lots of alloy on it, is real eye-candy! His recent project is a Buell X1, based on a rigid deep-seat frame of Redneck (USA), and it looks just as good! And he's busy with yet another bike, a long-forked Mad Max Sportster with a car-wheel parked in the rear-side. Cool!