vrijdag 23 oktober 2009

Short Cut Triumph

Finally I got this Short Cut Triumph in front of my camera! Tjeerd from Short Cut Choppers is usually creates Jap-based Samurai choppers in the tradition of Bratstyle. This raw Triumph is something different than he usually does, but it's my favourite!

Two bare strobes are used to give the bike this bright look

donderdag 22 oktober 2009

Bigtwin november

It’s now exacly a year ago that the famous late-night photo of Philip’s BSA, made at the Scheveningen Beach, hit the cover of Bigtwin magazine. It’s this time a portrait of the Belgian guy Erkki which is on the shelves of every fuel-station and magazine-shop for a month!

Cool cover photo, isn't it? Studio lights on location did the trick.

The photo-location was the place where Erkki works. They make enormous drilling machines there for digging tunnels and holes in the ground.

Also Wally’s streetfighter/bobber Honda Shadow is featured this month. The deep blue paintwork looks great due to the studio lights which we used on location

Can’t wait to see the feature of these South East classics, owned by Melanie and Arthur. The photo looks really stylish as if it’s for a clothing-advertisement. Two off-shoe speedlights are located at both sides of the car to get this result. Although the weather was very dull and dark, the photo’s turned out crazy!

Nick is a 18 year young guy and for a low budget he bolted together this awesome old skool Sportster.

zaterdag 17 oktober 2009

Jannot's dragstar

Jannot from Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, proofed with this clean and uncluttered Dragstar that it is possible to make a cool bobber with simple interventions. Just as happened with the primal bobbers, Jannot chopped, hacked and sawed every unnecesary part off this dragstar and so made a bad-to-the-bone bobber with hot-rod looks.

It's all about light...

Some arty farty shot of Jannot's cool helmet

Wide angle, yeah baby!!

dinsdag 13 oktober 2009

Well, Blue...

Hi Blue, the weather in England was actually really nice, during the Triumph Rocket III introduction in Hinckley! :-)

maandag 5 oktober 2009

Mock-up of project 1OFF

This weekend we taped, knotted, chewing-gum'd and tied all the crap together for a mock-up photo of project 1OFF. Few things have to be done: milling a sidemount numberplate bracket, shaping a holder for the speedo and we want some brace between the front forks... Then we fill it up with gas and ride the hell out of it!!
Isn't this the coolest bike on the planet? :-)

Milo's Dark Shadow

Believe it or not.... This bike once was a Honda Shadow! Milo saw those biker programmes on the telly and he thought that building such a chopper must be a piece of cake. He just started with his welder and grinder, tooling around in his backyard and 2x2,5 metres little shed and after 2 years this sweet rigid sickle rolled out...

Milo himself also made some photo's, in case my photo's were fucked up.

Some indoor photo's with studio lights

And some outdoor shots, with two small bare strobes.