zondag 31 oktober 2010

Cees' Triumph

Because of the poor weather, we did the shoot of this cool Uncle Bunt Triumph chopper in-doors. The futuristic pathway to a parking-garage was a pretty cool decor for this old skool bike, though, with all that dark and grey concrete and the metal bars at the right side. This is the sort of photo-locations I'm looking for, okay?

The bike is build, restored and proudly ridden by Cees van Middendorp.

Did the shots with three flashers: one mainlight through umbrella as fill, a 2th flash as rim on the front wheel and a 3th flasher with blue gells on it for a alien-ish effect. Looking pretty cool!!

Then, after the shots were done, the rain stopped and so we did some action shots too!

zaterdag 30 oktober 2010

Hot Chocolate xs650

Today I went to the friendly Jeroen van Halewijn. He owns this garage-build xs650 hardtail chopper, which he baptized 'Hot Chocolate'. Oh, by the way, the chocolate-colored paint sceme is done by paint artist Royal Jack. Thanks for the nice day Jeroen!

vrijdag 22 oktober 2010

El chupacabra

Damn, I'm nagging on Gozewien's head for ages to finish this bike, so I can shoot it. Well, today was a special day, as I finally got the El Chupacabra in front of my cam! This CB750 is one of the most creative designs I've seen lately and it's build for a total budget of almost nothing. Y'see why this guy has the nickname Mr. Metalshaper, right?!

Bigtwin november 2010

Check out Bigtwin's website for the bike features of next month. A lot of good stuff! Hope to see you all at the Bigtwin bikeshow in November?

Mario's real (!) Exile is featured, which I shot it a few months ago, and a funny photo of Mario and his Pitbull is used for the opening page. He imported the bike (and the dog too) from USA.

And what about Sjoerd's SMX bike? He designed this wonderful creation himself and the guys of SPS turned the ideas into reality.

Ever seen such a cool Buell? Leon build this dragstyle around a Redneck frame. He's building another good looking bike too, a Sportster rat!

And last but not least, the sixties' styled Panhead choppa' proudly build and owned by Gino from Belgium!

zondag 17 oktober 2010

Robert's Ducati!

Why do we always shoot the best bikes at the end of the year? Few days ago we did a brilliant Guzzi, and yesterday another one of my 2010 favourites: Robert's chopped n' dropped Ducati!

...which is not only show, but also GO!

Check out his Ducati blog! Robert himself is a professional photograher and know all about F-stops and all that. While we were shooting hus Duc, he was making some photo's of his comrade.

zaterdag 16 oktober 2010

Durk's Intruder

Yesterday the trip went to Leek and in the city Groningen we shot this Intruder 1400, owned by Durk and build by T&T. We decided to go to an indoor location, and indeed, it started to piss down! and not quite a little!

The location was a big emty unfininished shopping hall with metal sheets on the wall. After throwing a speedlight on the reflecting metal wall, with a full blue CTO filter onnit, and lighting out the bike with 2 softboxes (one above and one aside) and a fill in flash from a speedlight, it actually looked pretty cool!!!

maandag 11 oktober 2010

Mi Mujer Sueno

Again I visited Belgium, Antwerpen this time, to make some snaps of Leo's Sporty bobber, named Mi Mujer Sueno. The shots turned out excellent, due to the nice weather and the great location. Y'know, Leo works in the Antwerpen Harbour and knows all the nice spots & backdrops. Cool bike, cool place, cool guy... what more do we want?

Behind the scenes

Remco send me a 'behind the scenes' shot of me, playing dead. We did a crazy photoshoot of his streetfighter a few weeks ago!

zaterdag 9 oktober 2010


Another 500 kilometres on the clock of the Ford today, to photograph this super cool 84' Evo, which is turned into a racebob, or should I say Acebob? as Ace is the name of this bike, built and ridden by the friendly Belgian guy Wim Latui. He runs a weblog about this winter project.

Aart's Guzzi

Yesterday the weatherman mr. Piet Paulusma promised us the best weather in the world. So with shorts, a t-shirt and a swim-suit, I went to Rno Cycles, who helped his friend Aart with finishing this Guzzi tracker, which happens to be Aart's project for not less than 5 years. But the weather wasn't what was promised to us. We made some nice photo's, though, and photographer Paulien Kluver of PK Pics went with us, which was very teachable! Thanks for the nice day!!

Every time I had Aart's Guzzi in front of my lense, this guy was destroying the photo's! Oh, this is Rno, by the way, with his Lucky Bastard Savage, which I photographed before. He's busy as I speak with another mind blowing Savage which will be even more radical than this one!

vrijdag 8 oktober 2010

Milo in Backstreetheroes!

Nice! The BSH issue of November dropped in my mailbox. Milo's VT600 hardtail chop is featured in this great magazine, and a huge coverage of the Bottrop Kustom Kulture as well! And of course plenty of other cool bikes, as always. :-)