vrijdag 27 maart 2015

Double G Baggers

Today I went to Mexico (well, sort of) for a shoot of Double B Baggers and played around with natural light, TL light, flashers and long shutter-speeds. I'm really happy with the result!

zondag 22 maart 2015


Rene's big bagger by Gert-Jan Laseur. Shot for Bigtwin magazine.

zondag 15 maart 2015

Flowster shoot!

Today it was all about caturing a good atmosphere! We took some cool pix of my bike, the Flowster, as build by Rno Cycles.

zaterdag 14 maart 2015

Thom's Shovel

Thom's Shovelhead chopper is inspired by the custom artworks by David Mann. Ronnie of Iron Pit got his hands on this bike and look what he made of it!

zaterdag 7 maart 2015

Led Sled EU

Burn it! Sweet ride by Led Sled Customs EU. Thanks Rob & Tjeerd!

vrijdag 6 maart 2015

Triumph bobber

One of the best looking custombikes I've ever seen comes eh... from the factory?! This radical bobber is a genuine Triumph. I had the Lucky opportunity to shoot some pics of it at the Triumph headquarters in Holland, together with a Triumph Scrambler. Both bikes are made for a Triumph "biker build off".


Some cool stuff in this recent issue, including Harry's 'Fick it' on the cover.